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2024 Star Ratings: The Foreign Language Call Center Solution

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

By design, Part C star ratings are tightening up.

68% more plans declined in star ratings (‘2023 to 2024) than increased. CMS’s shifting emphasis is forcing carriers to react right now.

Foreign Language coverage with call centers is a good example. For 56% of Part C plans, the 2024 performance metrics threshold for foreign language star assignments increased by 30%.

As the number of foreign-speaking plan members skyrockets, FMOs and health plans are desperate for solutions. Finding call center reps who speak Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Farsi, Vietnamese, Russian (and more) is challenging.

But beyond reading scripts, these reps’ capabilities are understandably limited:

These representatives, who have recently immigrated, possess limited knowledge of health plan/Medicare Advantage topics.

An incoming call from a Farsi-speaking beneficiary could relate to thousands of Medicare-Advantage intricacies.

Every call is a pressure cooker, intensifying the turnover of a challenging position to staff and (thanks to 2024 star ratings)increasingly expensive if not staffed.


PlanAllies Technology:

smiling call center rep with head covering, wearing a headset and smiling

  • Interacts with conversations, regardless of language

  • Is fluent with the beneficiary's health plan documentation

  • Guides the call center rep based on the discussion

  • Supplements the rep’s subject matter expertise

  • Supports every topic included in the health plan

  • Translates into over 100 languages, including plan documentation


Example Call:

The Russian call center rep receives an incoming call from plan member Ivan Sokolov, who prefers to communicate in Russian.

The representative opens Ivan Sokolov’s PlanAllies screen. The appropriate health contract and plan benefit package information automatically appears in Russian.

Ivan has a question about home infusions for his cancer treatments.

Not being entirely sure what “home infusion” means, the rep enters “рак” (Russian for cancer) in the search field.

домашний настой (Russian for “Home Infusion”) is included in the search findings. The rep clicks this row, and a thorough explanation of the plan’s home infusion benefits appears in Russian text. The rep reads the benefit details, including any costs, and ends with instructions on how to utilize the benefit.

PlanAllies prompts the rep to emphasize member satisfaction. Sensing Ivan’s language frustration, the rep followed the system prompts and offered to call the plan together to coordinate the home infusion benefit.

Problems Solved:

Ivan is impressed with the service from his FMO and brags about his comprehensive insurance with friends. During an unexpected CAHPS survey, Ivan did his best to complement the health plan in broken English.

Meanwhile, your foreign language rep Is comfortable and confident that they won’t be stumped. They like their job and enjoy spending their days helping and supporting others.

Foreign language coverage, SIMPLIFIED.


PlanAllies' interactive technology is a virtual assistant for your multilingual call center reps:

  • Training time lowered by 60%

  • Incidence of putting clients on hold, lowered by 24%

  • The time needed to answer the question was lowered by 45%

  • Calls handled per rep increased by 17%

  • Call center rep job satisfaction increased by 35%

Achieved with a foreign language-speaking rep,

who one year ago had never heard of Medicare Advantage.


  • We are happy to present a no-charge, no-obligation consultation

  • You’ll see your health plan fully supported in English and other languages

  • If you like, bring a foreign language rep. Let’s discuss their recent calls and then demonstrate PlanAllies’ workflows for the exact scenarios.

Đã đến lúc bỏ đi các kịch bản

(Vietnamese for, “It’s time to ditch the scripts.”)


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