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The Key to Lowering Churn:

Recognizing that Retention is Different from Enrollment

Many call centers use the same enrollment software their sales agents use.

FMOs, brokers & health plans are well served by Sunfire, Connecture, Spark, Trusty.Care and other sales systems. These tools are excellent for enrollment. But post sale requires retention-specific technology.

The problem isn’t your sales software; it’s excellent.
The problem is that you’re not using retention software.

The Goal: Make the Sale

  • Understand the client's diagnoses and medications

  • Help the client compare various plans

  • Find the ideal health plan at the lowest price

The Goal: Keep the Sale

  • Boost reps' confidence with expert knowledge

  • Understand the client as a person

  • Introduce the plan in the context of how it supports the client’s lifestyle

  • Maximize plan literacy & benefit utilization 

  • Proactively identify and address churn aggravators

Streamlined technology for seasonal scaling, boosting both retention & LTV.

Enrollment vs Retention Chart
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