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What is

PlanAllies’ AI-driven interactive workflows enable healthcare call centers to increase client satisfaction and retention. Conversational engagement provides data with context and our unique predictive churn risk assessment.


Why We Help

Despite $5 billion in annual healthcare engagement spending, health literacy, and disenrollment rates must be improved.


PlanAllies synthesizes interactive technology with conversational engagement, resulting in more effective communication and improved outcomes.

Who We Help

PlanAllies is focused on health plans, FMOs, brokers, and ACOs that need to improve the effectiveness of their outbound and inbound engagement. We dramatically improve results, simplify scaling, and meaningfully lower costs.

How We Help

Acting as an “all knowing, virtual assistant” PlanAllies increases reps’ subject matter expertise enabling them to expertly discuss any topic in less time, without stress, in over 100 languages. With no time spent searching for documentation or answers, rep efficiencies and client satisfaction both increase.

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We Integrate

With Your Ecosystem

  • PlanAllies

  • Your CRM

  • Your phone system 


– That’s all you’ll need.


We dramatically simplify call center logistics, resulting in more intuitive workflows and lower costs.


Insights, context and churn risk are delivered in both machine and human readable formats.

"There is currently no solution outside of PlanAllies that combines plan data, social history, data collection, and churn risk analysis."

PlanAllies Customer

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Meet The Leadership Team

Decades of experience with healthcare engagement, payer-centric technologies, and innovation.

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Jay Newton-Small
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Founder & CEO

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Dan Alloway
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Chief Product Officer

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Adam Bokmeyer
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Head of Finance

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