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What is PlanAllies?

PlanAllies™ is disrupting healthcare engagement with game-changing innovation. Our technology redefines efficiencies possible with human-to-human communication while delivering relationships, member satisfaction and loyalty that digital engagement can’t match. We provide product licensing and full-service engagement calls using our Plan Allies.

Why We Help

While digital campaigns are effective with many populations, the pendulum of engagement has swung too far toward automation. Tens of millions of seniors are not online, leaving them “invisible” to digital outreach. And automated campaigns are failing to build the fundamental relationships and trust needed to improve health equity. PlanAllies™ has synthesized empathetic conversations with interactive technology, resulting in entirely new satisfaction levels, retention and efficiencies.

Who We Help

PlanAllies™ is focused on health plans, brokers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that need to improve the effectiveness of their outreach. Whether your call center makes the calls or we do - PlanAllies™ will simplify scalability, dramatically improve results, and meaningfully lower costs. 

How We Help

Empathetic, human-to-human conversations are optimized, in real-time, by interactive PlanAllies™ Platform technology. Acting as an expert virtual assistant, the PlanAllies™ Platform increases the effectiveness and efficiencies of human outreach for any engagement campaign. Our interactive workflows dramatically simplify call center hiring, training, and scaling.

Meet the Leadership Team

Decades of experience with healthcare engagement, payer-centric technologies, and innovation.

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Our Story

PlanAllies™ Platform was developed in early-2022 and PlanAllies™, a subsidiary of MemoryWell™ and the engagement arm of the organization, was launched. The vision was to vastly outperform digital engagement’s capabilities with an improved ROI for the health plan.  What we innovated is something much more special. 

PlanAllies™ has dismantled the paradigm that “increased payer efficiencies come at the cost of decreased member intimacy and satisfaction”. Every day we help our partners restore humanity in healthcare with a unique, inspiring approach, where everybody wins.

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