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A Unique Approach.               Vastly Superior Results.

PlanAllies’ synthesis of human engagement and our PlanAllies™ Platform technology increases your Call Center’s effectiveness and efficiency, delivering best-in-industry results. 


Integrated conversational awareness facilitates clearer, more personal conversations that leave members feeling heard and known. We decrease costs and increase revenue for our partners.

Use Cases

Welcome Experience

  • A unique introduction for new enrollees, addressing the problem that 87% of enrollees are unaware of their plan’s benefits

  • Review of PCP and pharmacy in-network status

  • Introduce how plan benefits support each members’ unique lifestyle and aspirations

  • Enrollees feel as if their plan was custom designed, just for them.

Our Welcome Experience module increases plan literacy 75%, with an average ending NPS of 9.2, delivering double-digit improvements in retention.

Data & Survey Collection

Our technology-driven, conversational approach delivers among the most accurate and insightful survey data in all of healthcare.

With PlanAllies, data collection is more than just a checklist. Survey questions conclude with precise standardized wording, while conversational introductions explain the context of each topic.

​Examples of data and surveys that we collect for health plans:

  • SDOH

  • HRA


  • PROM

  • Medication Adherence

  • And more…

SNPs & Health Equity

PlanAllies’ conversational, relationship-based approach to member engagement is the most affordable and effective approach to underserved and polychronic populations.

There are no quick fixes. Rather, a poignant cadence of conversations that build relationships and trust are the foundation of steady increases in plan utilization and health literacy.

Conversations are oriented toward supporting the member’s unique lifestyle with the health plan’s rich assortment of benefits. 

Having established trust, health literacy and utilization are added to conversations. The beneficiary evolves toward a happier, healthier life.

Pre-AEP Contact

  • The average member starts to shop for new plans ~75 days prior to their annual enrollment period.  

  • Provides awareness that their health plan knows them, cares about them, and uniquely supports them.

  • Calls are friendly, personal conversations that pick up where the last call ended. Interactive technology monitors dialog, highlighting plan benefits that are a great fit for the member’s lifestyle and aspirations. 

  • The member is left focused on the support their health plan offers and is poised to ignore the tsunami of AEP TV commercials from payers who will never care enough to have a conversation with them.

Ongoing Plan Education

One of the most impactful approaches to increasing long-term retention is robust communication surrounding the inevitable year-to-year health plan changes.

  • Nearly 90% of beneficiaries do not read updates from their health plan. 

  • Dissatisfaction and churn increase when members learn about formulary changes at the pharmacy, deductible changes when checking into an appointment, or worse yet, learn about changes to in-network status when settling-up the bill with their PCP.

Even when unpopular changes are introduced, PlanAllies Platform lays out a conversation that maintains the context of how the health plan supports the member.

Onboarding Engagement

  • Introduces members to their new treatment network with a high touch approach that yields double digit improvements in satisfaction and retention.

  • Emphasizes how to contact and communicate with their care team. 

  • The goal is for the member to understand that they couldn’t find a provider network that was a better fit.

  • Creates a unique first impression that increases member satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Products

Illustrated Laptop

PlanAllies Platform

A “Virtual Assistant” that is aware of all plan benefits, SDOH & HRA topics and compliance requirements. PlanAllies™ Platform interacts real time with your existing Call Center’s conversations and technology.

Provides cost reduction through increased contact efficiency, training costs, and analytics to provide the highest engagement rate possible, even for difficult to reach populations. 

Hotline Consultant_edited.jpg

Full-Service Engagement

Utilizing the full benefits of our PlanAllies™ Platform, Plan Allies can design, execute, and provide actionable outputs for any customized campaign.

During surge periods, contacting invisible populations, or just to extend the reach of engagements, our Integrated Staffing offering is the most comprehensive engagement experience in healthcare.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

No additional resources are needed for integration with our systems. We integrate with the technology that you use which both expedites transfer and maintains data security protocols in the process.


Outputs are delivered in both machine and human readable formats allowing for maximum effectiveness of the engagements.

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