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OEP Churn, Call Center Technology

Short-term disenrollment is the top focus during OEP.

Medicare Advantage executives often feel powerless as churn stats climb. PlanAllies™ has a simple solution to close the back door and meaningfully lower churn:

PlanAllies™ interactive call center technology

features embedded retention workflows.

PlanAllies™ enables conversational engagement. There is no script, and the enrollee does most of the talking. Acting as a virtual assistant, PlanAllies™ interacts with the conversation, guiding call center agents toward maximizing campaign goals.


Embedded workflows enable member engagement rates that are twice industry norms.

Plan Literacy:

Personalized introductions increase plan literacy by 75% vs. scripted calls. New enrollees introduce themselves and discuss their interests. Interacting with the conversation, PlanAllies™ prompts agents on how the plan’s provider network and benefits support each enrollee’s unique lifestyle and aspirations.

Short-Term Disenrollment:

When churn drivers are discovered, PlanAllies™ guides agents to discuss, unpack and resolve aggravating factors. Automated output includes a churn risk analysis recommending future contact frequency and topic emphasis.

Member Satisfaction:

Versus scripted approaches, conversational engagement is a pleasant surprise as enrollees understand how their health plan is the perfect fit. As if designed just for them.

As engagement and plan literacy increase, so does enrollee satisfaction.

Our engagement rates are twice industry norms, with an average ending NPS rating of 9.2.

As you can imagine, these members don’t churn during open enrollment.

PlanAllies™ can easily be assigned to a subset of your call center, enabling a comparison of scripted vs. tech-enabled conversational engagement. Our cloud-based technology requires no modifications to your systems and training takes less than a day.

You can verify these improvements before the end of January for less than what a call center pizza & beer night would cost.

A ten-minute overview will demonstrate the scalable solution to increased member satisfaction and retention.


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