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Member Disenrollment - The Solution to a Key Driver

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

You understand the magnitude and expense of member churn. Looking deeper into the H-contract specific predictors clarifies the issues that are driving members to seek "greener pastures" elsewhere. For example, analyzing benefit utilization of disenrolled members often reveals a direct correlation with churn.

Increasing member benefit utilization, satisfaction and loyalty requires re-imagining member onboarding. At MemoryWell, we are experts at human-to-human engagement. Our onboarding Welcome Experience uses a conversational approach. We’re not a call center. There is no script. We get to know each new enrollee as a person, making them feel heard and known. Supplemental benefits are then introduced with personal context. We discuss how selected benefits support the enrollee’s lifestyle and aspirations.

Your plan receives narratives that introduce the enrollee as a person and explain how each benefit enriches their life. You also receive an NPS survey, including member perceptions of their plan.

Our Welcome Experience increases targeted benefit utilization. We increase health literacy, brand loyalty and CAHPS engagement. Along with higher member satisfaction, your plan enjoys a year one R.O.I. resulting from meaningfully lower disenrollment.

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