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Short-Term Disenrollment - The Solution to a Key Driver

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

You understand the magnitude and expense of member churn. Looking deeper into the H-contract-specific predictors clarifies the issues driving members to seek "greener pastures" elsewhere. Analyzing dozens of disparate experiences and emotions often reveals a direct correlation with churn.

Increasing plan literacy, utilization, and initial satisfaction requires re-imagining enrollee onboarding. At PlanAllies™, we synthesize call center engagement and technology, delivering superior results.

PlanAllies™ acts as a virtual assistant for your call center agents. Based on conversational inputs from the new enrollee, PlanAllies™ technology curates real-time scripts, prompting agents to achieve campaign goals. If churn risk is detected, agents are instructed to discuss, unpack, and diffuse it.

Automated outputs allow your health plan to instantly categorize enrollees into high and low levels of churn risk. Senior agents, who are updated with automated lists of aggravating factors that must be resolved to prevent disenrollment, then reengage with high-risk enrollees.

The return on investment is significant. Every resolved problem is incremental annual recurring revenue for your health plan.

Now is the time to test:

With OEP concluded, now is the time to test these new technologies with members who age into your health plan. Onboard half with your current approach and the other half with PlanAllies™. Moving forward, you'll identify a scalable opportunity to increase satisfaction and retention meaningfully. And in 2024, you won't fear short-term disenrollment; you will proactively diffuse it.

Click the link below to see PlanAllies' churn reduction assessment in action.

It's time to ditch the scripts.


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