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How to Improve Call Center Performance, Without Adding Risk

“We’re changing software” likely the three most terrifying words for call center managers.

While you may be frustrated with engagement rates, HRA collection, satisfaction and churn, the concept of shutting everything down, installing new technology, and beginning from scratch is a non-starter.

Here are 8 steps that will improve call center performance without adding risk:

Step 1: Accept the premise that, “something is going to change”. Doing nothing guarantees continued sub-standard performance.

Step 2: Define one area that needs to get better.

This isn’t a high-pressure situation. Marinade on the question: What facet of my call center needs to improve the most?


​Engagement Rates

Member Satisfaction

Benefit Utilization

HRA Collection

Increasing Plan Literacy

D-SNP EAC Recruiting

AWV/Health Screening Compliance

Promoting Health Efficacy with Members


Step 3: Set a goal for the underperforming topic.

Don’t see this as added pressure on your shoulders. You are the expert. You know the levels of performance that are needed. Set the goal.

Step 4: Now you’re ready to experiment.

We’re ready to begin searching for approaches that deliver your goals. Think of this research as small experiments that are off to the side.

Adopt the mindset that constant improvement

requires constant experimentation.

Step 5: Control the things that are under your control.

Identify the tools available to create improvement. Be sure to include the guard rails you’ll need to ensure success. For example:

  • No distractions. We’re going to keep the call center focused on our current campaigns.

  • We’re not going to erode productivity.

  • We’re going to use a safety net approach, if experiments don’t work, there is negligible downside.

  • We will experiment with a small group of agents.

  • We will not be testing approaches that haven’t worked in the past.

  • Without spending a penny, we’re going to hear and assess recommendations from subject matter experts.

You’re in control of these tactics. When you get them organized, you’ll be poised to succeed.

Step 6: Leverage outside resources who know how to fix the problem. Get answers without spending anything.

For example:

When you speak with PlanAllies™ about a call center campaign:

  • PlanAllies™ will present functional, tech-enabled engagement workflows that are specific to your underperforming topic. Tactics, strategies and feedback loops will be demonstrated.

PlanAllies™ is technology that acts as a virtual assistant for your call center agents. Interactive technology monitors conversations and guides agents toward campaign goals. The beneficiary does most of the talking. Plan features, benefits and health screenings are discussed in the context of how they support the member’s lifestyle and aspirations. Members feel heard and known. Information learned about the member is transferred to your CRM for reference in future conversations.

  • Walk through the workflows. Roll play campaigns.

  • You haven’t spent any money or made commitments. You’re investigating options.

Step 7: It’s time to experiment:

  • Let us know which research agents and beneficiaries you want included in the experiment

  • There are no system updates or software installations

  • PlanAllies™ provides two hours of training for the research team

  • The research team logs in and begins the pilot

  • Consistent with the culture of your call center, PlanAllies™ will coach the research agents through the pilot. Our job is to help them master the tactics that are proven to improve results

  • You remain focused on your job

  • You receive performance updates, by rep, by campaign

Step 8: Revisit the goals established in step 3.

Each day you receive metrics relating to your performance goals.

When your goals have been met, you can expand the successful campaign to additional agents. Acting as team leaders, members of the research team are able to support other agents.

Let’s Improve

Pick a problem. Click the link below and tell us where you want to see increased performance from your call center. With no cost and no obligation, PlanAllies™ will present a ready-to-use, conversational engagement campaign that will achieve your goals.

Constant improvement starts now!


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