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Automated Enrollee Advisory Committee Workflows – Scalable Compliance

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Feeling stressed about your D-SNP Enrollee Advisory Committee Progress?

You’re not alone. A lot of executives are starting to sweat about CMS timelines.

We understand, “It’s not just about recruiting a committee.” There are also CMS requirements for EAC feedback accumulation, goal setting, validation and reporting. Consultants are coming out of the woodwork but applying their advice often involves adding significant increases in staffing and overhead.

None of this seems scalable.

PlanAllies™ interactive call center technology features

prepackaged Enrollee Advisory Committee workflows.

Enrollee Advisory Committee Recruiting:

Enrollee Advisory Committee (EAC) recruiting is combined with the onboarding calls that your call center is currently making. There is no need for separate staff, separate campaigns or added costs.

Enrollee Advisory Committee Goal Validation:

Enrollee Advisory Committee (EAC) goal validation is also integrated into the existing campaigns conducted by your call center. No extra calls, no added personnel, or additional training are required.

Required CMS Reporting:

Robust, evidence-based statistical analyses fully satisfy CMS reporting requirements. These outputs are touch-free for your staff.

EAC compliance does not require increased overhead and distraction.

PlanAllies™ can easily be assigned to a subset of your call center, validating our prepackaged workflows rapidly. Our cloud-based technology requires no modifications to your systems and training takes less than a day.

You can verify these improvements before the end of January for less than what a call center pizza & beer night would cost.

A ten-minute overview will demonstrate the scalable approach toward EAC recruitment, management and reporting.


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