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Video: Reimagine Call Center Onboarding with Tech-Enabled Engagement

Scripted onboarding calls are not a great experience for new enrollees or the call center agents who read them.

As such, onboarding scripts should not be new enrollees’ first experience with your health plan.

In the video below, we reimagine onboarding with conversational engagement.

Technology is fully cognizant of:

  • Plan benefits

  • HRA/SDOH flags

  • Churn risk drivers

  • Campaign goals

  • Compliance requirements

Reacting to conversational inputs, technology creates virtual scripts that prompt call center agents to maximize plan literacy and increase satisfaction, all while preempting CTM and churn.

Churn risk is monitored and reported to the health plan, including specific churn drivers. This allows your health plan to preemptively address short-term disenrollment before members churn out.

Higher satisfaction. Lower churn. Increased LTV. Our video demonstrates the future of call center engagement.


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