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ACO Success Begins with a Conversation

At its core, the ACO vision is simple: “Fix the easy stuff”. Eliminate redundancies and focus on proactive screenings to meaningfully lower costs and improve patient outcomes.

So why has achieving this mission been so elusive?

Too often, ACO networks integrate their providers onto a single EHR platform, only to learn that patients leak to out-of-network specialists.

Without dedication from patients, the ACO model can’t succeed.

The emails, texts and chatbots that engulf patients have failed to improve performance.

Just as success required fundamental changes in provider network integration, so too ACO call centers are shifting to mission-specific approaches to patient engagement. Before patients can understand how compliance will benefit their lifestyle and aspirations, the ACO must first understand who the patient is and what matters most to them.

Patient compliance starts with a relationship.

Relationships begin with tech-enabled conversations where patients feel heard and known. After the call center agent gets to know the patient, technology simplifies introducing the provider network in the context of how it supports the patient’s unique goals. Patients understand that working exclusively with ACO providers isn’t “a rule”. Instead, the ACO’s integration of imaging, EHR, and scheduling are presented as the foundation that supports better communication, higher outcomes, and fewer visits vs. out-of-network providers.

Tech-enabled conversations include proactive health screenings. Screenings are not discussed as an obligation but are introduced in the context of helping patients achieve their personal life’s vision, whether that is attending their granddaughter’s wedding, running a half marathon, or parachuting on their 75th birthday.

The patient understands that the ACO’s goal is to help them live their best life, every day.

The future of engagement is tech-enabled conversations that clarify how the ACO supports each patient’s unique goals. Beyond increasing patient satisfaction and loyalty, this next-generation technology simplifies training, eases campaign scaling, and lowers costs vs. scripted approaches.

And because patients are dedicated,

The ACOs can now achieve its mission:

Redundant services are eliminated, and proactive health screenings are everyone’s priority.


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