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PlanAllies Platform

Maximizing value through
engagement optimization

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A "virtual assistant" designed to reduce training & engagement costs and increase revenue.

Aware of all plan details, SDOH, or HRA topics and compliance requirements, PlanAllies Platform interacts in real-time with your existing Call Center’s conversations.


Call Center Agents are alerted to benefits that match your beneficiaries’ lifestyle and aspirations. 

Red flags, such as churn, SDOH or HRA risks, are alerted as technology interactively guides your Call Center Agent through the conversations.  


Your Call Center delivers an optimized call every time and leaves the member with the feeling that their health plan truly knows and cares about them.

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Design Process

More than just our technology, we are committed partners before, during, and after engagements. Our design process helps maximize value generated and engagement success.


Campaign Organization

  • Internal best practices review

    • Segmentation

    • Outreach methodology

    • Personalization

  • Customer Success training in as little as one day

  • Verify deliverables



  • Acting as “Super Users”, each account has a dedicated PlanAlly who is the first line of support for C.S. questions

  • Engineering team support for seamless integration


Campaign Analysis


  • CS Rep effectiveness

  • Campaign Analytics

  • Member Churn Risk Analysis

  • Post-campaign member collateral


Ongoing Training

  • Added PlanAllies Training if/as needed to organization

  • EngageWell training videos available online

  • Enhanced training to increase percentile rankings vs. nationwide comparisons

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Increase Your Engagement Success & Impact


Contact Rate

(Including difficult to reach &

polychronic members) 


Average NPS


Increased Plan Literacy

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