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Integrated Staffing

customizable to your needs, PlanAllies™ will design, execute, and provide actionable output for any campaign desired.

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360° Member Engagement

PlanAllies™ has a network of engagement professionals spanning the country available to perform any engagement needed in 19 languages.

Surge Periods

Enrollment periods are hectic.


CMS survey collection guidelines are stringent.

Our integrated staffing offering helps you increase capacity during surge periods.

Difficult to Reach Populations

The "Invisible" members are concerns for increased member costs and disenrollment. PlanAllies' experience and effectiveness contacting these members can alleviate this stress.


Constrained outreach from lack of trained staff, new plans who experience significant growth, formulary changes to Part D plans, are just a few of the reasons necessitating full-service PlanAllies™ engagement.


Using PlanAllies™ Platform, a PlanAlly establishes a conversational relationship with members, building trust and gathering key data.

PlanAllies improves member satisfaction, increases member loyalty and delivers actionable data to the plan. 

Closing Engagement Gaps

PlanAllies maximizes health plan literacy. Plan details are discussed in the context of how they support the member’s unique lifestyle.

With trust established, the PlanAlly focuses on health utilization, including how screenings support the member’s lifestyle. The goals are to increase health literacy while optimizing plan utilization.

PlanAllies reinforces how the health plan personally supports the member.

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Our Process


Working with the partner, a customized campaign is created and designed for maximum effectiveness. 

Our product & engineering teams take the lead on bilateral data transfers.


Our Customer Success team will schedule calls for each member's conversation with a matched Plan Ally.

The Plan Ally utilizes their experience and PlanAllies Platform during the engagements to meet the goals of the campaign.


  • Member Satisfaction

  • Churn Risk Analysis

  • Member Narratives

  • Engagement Analytics

  • Survey Results & Data Requested

  • Benefits Infographic

*Both machine & human readable formats


Lowered Member Cost

Increased Retention

Scaled Outreach

STAR Rating Increases


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