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Powerful human engagement for all of healthcare

Impactful and efficient member engagement for those unwilling to settle for impersonal, ineffective solutions.

By synthesizing cutting-edge digital campaigns with caring, human Interaction, Plan Allies has changed the paradigm of how health plans communicate with members.


Our innovative approach to engagement redefines your plan’s ability to improve member satisfaction and loyalty.  Best of all, this unique approach to engagement and data collection is seen as a pleasant surprise by health plan members. 


PlanAllies™ delivers the competitive advantages you’re looking for: higher revenue from increased retention combined with dramatic improvements in efficiency, each of which bolsters profitability for your health plan.

Guided by PlanAllies™ Platform, conversations introduce members to their health plan, reinforcing how their plan supports them personally.


As members are introduced to their new health plan, tech-enabled conversations highlight how the plan supports their unique lifestyle and aspirations. “The perfect fit.”

Survey topics are discussed in the context of the member’s life, yielding best-in-class accuracy and detail. 


The data we collect is “actionable”.  SDOH, HRA and HEDIS gap data is accompanied by member perceptions and recommended next steps.

Based on PlanAllies’ predictive churn risk assessment, health plans may elect to maintain a regular cadence of ongoing communication with members.

Our 360⁰ approach with polychronic and underserved populations builds relationships and trust.


This scalable and affordable solution changes lives as we increase health literacy and utilization.

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